Motorcycle Sales(Pre-Owned) and Service for Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, & Other Makes - Motorrad of St. Louis
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We carry First Gear, BMW and MotoGP riding apparel as well as Arai, Nolan and Sparx helmets, and a whole array of parts, accessories and gear. Our apparel department is stocked with a broad selection of the gear we offer, and we can special order anything you have in mind. Just give us a call or e-mail us to talk gear.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our Motorrad STL eBay store for photos and details of our stock- Olympia jackets, Gerbing heated liners, NOS OEM BMW Motorcycle parts and accessories, and more. Give us a call if you’re looking for something in particular, or swing on by to browse the selection.


We’ve got communications stuff, gadget mounting gizmos, even windshields (!).  In short, all sorts of cool stuff.  Of course, we are stocked up on Genuine BMW parts for servicing your bike whether it be an Airhead, Oilhead, Hexhead, single or K-bike. We can get any BMW part you need.

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A Product Note from Motorrad of St. Louis – Sparx Helmets:

We recently started carrying a cool new line of helmets, Sparx.  The first time I laid hands on one, I figured it was another 300-something-dollar Shoei competitor. After all, they’ve got plush fully-removable liners, a simple shield change mechanism, well-applied contemporary graphics, even Arai-style brow vents in the faceshield. I was wrong, though. This is all available in a $110 helmet, or $130 for the snazzy graphics.

Best of all, these are safe helmets. Like most thinking riders, my eyes were opened and my mind thoroughly blown by Dexter Ford’s article, Blowing The Lid Off in Motorcyclist Magazine a few years back. That article challenged the wisdom and the science behind the Snell Foundation’s helmet testing procedures, and through fresh testing with real-world crash data as the basis, found that the Snell tests were creating unnecessarily hard helmets that transfer too much energy to the wearer’s head. The helmets that were found to be the safest in Motorcyclist’s independent testing were those that carried US DOT and European ECE certification. Sparx helmets carry both.

Additionally, Sparx has a crash replacement program: if you have a get-off and damage your lid, send your busted bucket and a police report to Sparx and they’ll send you a fresh new helmet, easy as that. This is one freebie program, though, that I hope none of my customers ever get the opportunity to use.

So, in all, this is a very high quality helmet loaded with features for which you’d expect to pay twice as much, in one of the safest helmets available. Good stuff.

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